One of Hollywoods most popular comedians Amy Schumer has canceled the remaining dates of her comedy tour due to severe complications with her pregnancy. The complications inflicted made her unable to fly, therefore she decided to cancel and refund consumers after the decision. Doctors of the celeb stated that she and the baby are healthy, but not in any position to fly without extreme discomfort.

Schumer suffers from “Hyperemesis Gravidarum” which is described as severe and prolonged morning sickness, often leading to weight loss and dehydration. Most cases of Hyperemesis can be treated with dietary changes and rest, others require hospitalization to hydrate and increase fluid levels. Needless to say, Amy feels this pregnancy has been extremely difficult, but the comedian is turning her negatives into material for social media. She posted a video of her vomiting into a toilet, hoping the world would get a laugh out of her pain.

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