Financial Policies

Unfortunately, for practical reasons as well as legal and privacy ones, we are unable to give patient-specific information to our readers and clients unless they have established themselves as patients of ours. This is accomplished by first filling out our contact form and paying a fee via PayPal. Subsequent communication after that is done either by telephone or by email using a separate, encrypted email server to protect your privacy.
Our fees are listed below. Payment is expected prior to our rendering a service.

Our most common service is a private evaluation of your individual situation and itinerary with our recommendations. Matters we cover include pre-travel preparation, documents and insurance, medical evacuation, finding care at your destination, environmental issues, identification of disease risk and prevention, security issues, shots and preventive medications along with many others. A follow-up phone call or email either with you or with your primary medical provider is included.

Price List

  • Full Personal Consultation
    • Full Personal Consultation
  • Follow-Up
    • Follow-up contacts with established patients
  • Referral
    • Referral to a local¬†travel-medicine provider
  • Reference Materials
    • Provision of reference materials

Other services are $100 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments.