Maternity and Culture

An Illustrative Case On a cold November night, a young Japanese woman living in Detroit went to go comfort her crying newborn baby son. She saw he was in distress so she carried him outside and [...]

Traveling for Business While Pregnant

As much as we like to think of pregnancy as a normal, healthy state, there are some activities that are just riskier when one is pregnant. Falls are more common during pregnancy. And their [...]

Welcome to Our Website!

HELLO and WELCOME to our Pregnant Traveler website! If you are familiar with us, you will find that it has been improved in many ways. To start with, our website is a lot easier to navigate, with [...]

Expatriate Pregnancy Care

What “prenatal care” consists of varies greatly from one location to another, depending on what diseases and complications are common in the local population, as well as what resources are [...]