When you are expecting there are many problems that can arise while traveling. From premature labor and blood clots, to swollen feet and dehydration there are many pregnancy related issues that can cause you to feel worried about the health of you and your baby. Having someone you can speak to about your travels and your pregnancy journey can provide the best gift of of all: peace of mind. Whether you’re flying half way across the world or taking a road trip, the travel can have a strain on your body depending on the unique pregnancy on hand. Here are just some of the reasons you need a Doctor to be available 24/7 throughout your pregnancy.

Save Money

Every time you visit the Doctor it costs a great deal of money, insurance or not. You don’t want to risk the health of you or your child just because you can’t afford constant Doctor visits. Cut those costs down significantly by hiring a pregnancy travel Doctor on retainer. Dr. Carroll can have an unlimited number of discussions throughout the entire 9 months.

Get Answers FAST

When an issue arrises and your primary physician isn’t readily available, you may find yourself in a panic. But when you have a pregnancy doctor on speed dial you can contact at all hours of the day and night throughout your entire pregnancy. From questions about sickness, to your safety to travel later in the pregnancy, Dr. Carroll is there to answer your questions immediately as they arise.

Confidence in Your Actions

The greatest part of having a pregnancy travel doctor on retainer is that it provides you with peace of mind. Before you book that flight or hop on that train, it’s important to know what risks are imposed to your health. As a prepared woman, you can feel confident in your travels that you aren’t harming yourself or your unborn child.

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