HELLO and WELCOME to our Pregnant Traveler website!

If you are familiar with us, you will find that it has been improved in many ways.

To start with, our website is a lot easier to navigate, with buttons and menus quickly taking you to what you are looking for. It won’t take you long to see what products and services we offer and how to access them. And the website is now compatible with whatever device you may be using.

Not so obvious are the changes we have made in security and privacy functions. Our private email communications with you are now encrypted and compliant with the strictest privacy policies. Further, financial transactions are easier to carry out and are totally secure.

Our goal at this website is to be the best medical resource available for women who are pregnant or planning to be pregnant, and who are also traveling. That means any travel, not just internationally and maybe not even very far from home. Our organization initially began by focusing on expatriates and the special pregnancy-related issues that pertain to them. Over the years we have been increasingly consulted by business travelers, vacation travelers, women who need to travel for family emergencies and even adventure travelers. We often also find ourselves being a source of information and advice to the medical providers who take care of pregnant travelers, whether they be obstetrical providers or travel medicine providers.

In our Blog section you will find articles on some of the more common topics that our clients ask about. As time goes by we will be adding other current, relevant topics. We welcome your input regarding any topics you would like to see discussed.

For medical providers, we keep an extensive bibliography covering virtually any aspect of pregnancy and travel. As this is already quite large and constantly being updated and expanded, we no longer have it all posted on our website but are happy to share this information when requested.

We are still actively engaged in day-to-day obstetrical practice as well. Along with this and our continuing education, we keep the information and advice as current as possible. Reading, researching and critiquing medical literature further adds to our information base. We are always open to medical providers sharing new information with us.

It is our intent that we, The Pregnant Traveler Medical Services, PLC will continue to be the best resource for pregnant travelers and their medical providers.

Safe travels…until next time!

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