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If you are pregnant and traveling, or pregnant and an expatriate, or even planning a pregnancy and wondering about travel, we offer personalized advice regarding your travel and your pregnancy.

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You’re here because you need more information on how traveling while pregnant can affect you or your baby’s health. Maybe you’re looking for a second opinion or just want confirmation of your doctor’s prognosis. Either way, Dr. Carroll is here to help in any way he can.

We always prefer to work in conjunction with your own medical provider in order to share with them what we are advising for you and why. However, if you do not have a medical provider for your pregnancy, or prefer that we do not contact them, we will still be happy to assist you. Just note this on the form below.

Dr. Carroll is engaged in the full-time practice of both obstetrics and travel medicine in Michigan, U.S.A. Please be aware that standards of care vary greatly from one country to another. What we advise in the United States may not be what is currently practiced where you live. If your doctor or midwife feels that our advice is incorrect, we welcome direct communication with him or her.

Topics That He Covers:

  • Pre-Travel Preparation
  • Documents & Insurance Advice
  • Medical Evacuation Possibilities
  • Finding Care at Your Destination
  • Possible Environmental Issues
  • Disease Risk & Prevention
  • Security Issue Discussion
  • Necessary Shots
  • Preventative Medications
  • Follow-up Phone Call or Email

Pregnancy Travel Consultations

NEW! Retainer


Dr. Carroll will be available throughout your pregnancy to discuss any questions relating to traveling while pregnant. Save money by purchasing the one-time retainer and have a personal travel doctor on your speed dial!

Receive a full personalized phone consultation with Dr. Carroll to get answers to your questions. He will also provide complete and custom recommendations based on your unique medical and travel situation and itinerary. Calls are more detailed and will answer specifics regarding your trip.

There is no limit to how many discussions you can choose to have with Dr. Carroll.

Meet Dr. Ivan Dale Carroll


Dr. Carroll grew up in India and has lived and practiced medicine in Africa and Central America in addition to the United States. He received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine and did his obstetrical training at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. He received his certification in Tropical and Travel Medicine at the Gorgas Institute in Lima, Peru.

Because of his combined training and experience in the disparate fields of Obstetrics and Travel/Tropical Medicine, he has become a recognized expert in the area of pregnancy and travel. He has published numerous journal articles and textbook chapters and is a frequently invited speaker at international venues.


  • Dr. Dale is my resource for all matters that relate to pregnancy and travel. His information is concise, clear and practical.  All this from a man humble and honest. I would not go anywhere else!

    Dr. Marc Shaw Medical Director, WORLDWISE Travel Health Centres, New Zealand
  • Dr. Dale Carroll is the only specialist in OB/GYN and Travelers' Health in the U.S. to my knowledge and represents the highest quality of medical information for this high-risk travel population.

    William Stauffer MD, MSPH, FASTMH Professor, Infectious Diseases and International Medicine, University of Minnesota
  • In preparation for a business trip to India, I reached out to Dr. Carroll to understand any precautions, given I was trying to become pregnant, or in the event I was pregnant at the time of the trip. I was very appreciative of the quick response that I received given I had to make the decision of whether or not to go on the trip relatively quickly.  The consultation was very thorough and included preparation considerations including recommended vaccinations (and where in my local area I could receive vaccinations); security, safety, diseases and other issues to be aware of while in India; and also other matters when I return home. I was able to make a well-informed decision based on my consultation. Thank you, Dr. Carroll!

    Carrie G. Consultation Patient
  • Dr. Dale Carroll and the Pregnant Traveller service is internationally the most highly regarded source of up to date and experience informed opinion for travel medicine practitioners needing help with this important group of travellers. At international conferences he has been an outstanding speaker and educator and as a past Dean of the Faculty of Travel Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow I am delighted to endorse the service that he and his colleagues offer.

    Dr. Michael E. Jones MB, ChB, FRCP (Edin, Glasg & Lond), FFTM RCPS(Glasg)


If you are pregnant and traveling, or pregnant and an expatriate, or even planning a pregnancy and wondering about travel we offer personalized advice regarding your travel and your pregnancy. The reason that we cover so many topics in our consultations is that each situation is different.

Even visitors to the same destination do not all need the same advice. What we advise you will also depend on your personal medical history, the specific locations you will be visiting and the activities that you plan to participate in.

In many cases we can recommend minor adjustments to you itinerary or activities where your obstetrical provider may otherwise simply tell you to abandon the trip.