No you’re not crazy, pregnancy is indeed making your allergies worse! Allergies and hormones go hand in hand, and when you are pregnant a change in your hormones often changes how you react to seasonal allergies. Two thirds of women claim that their allergy symptoms either get worse or stay about the same throughout their pregnancy. Let us take a look at how to deal with your seasonal allergies while you are pregnant.

Can I Treat My Allergies While I’m Pregnant?

Allergy shots are generally considered safe while pregnant and are one of the most common treatments of symptoms. Decongestants are off limits though and should be avoided, especially during the first trimester. This is because decongestants could restrict blood flow to the placenta which may cause premature labor.

How Can I Prevent An Onset Of Symptoms?

Air conditioning works as a great filter for your allergies if you are able to stay inside. Washing your hands and face often also helps get rid of pollen on your body. Allergic to dusk? Get your partner to do some cleaning for you with a microfiber cloth to eliminate dust flying through the air.

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