For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, spring break is over and summer is finally here. With school out and the warm weather, it is likely that you will be spending much more time outdoors and perhaps going on vacation.

If you are pregnant, here are some reminders of things that need extra care.

• Your body may not adapt as quickly to heat and humidity as it does when you are not pregnant. Try to keep cool by using shade and air conditioning when available.
• Remember to keep well hydrated. Your body can lose fluid rapidly in a hot environment and you could become dehydrated. This can, in turn, lead to uterine contractions in the later stages of pregnancy.
• When sitting on a beach in the tropics, keep a towel or blanket between you and the ground. Some tiny parasites that live in the sand could give you a very itchy rash.
• Don’t over-exert. Once again, this could lead to dehydration.
• When you are vacationing, don’t pack your schedule too tight. Too much activity will leave you exhausted and unable to enjoy the vacation.
• Mosquitoes seem to prefer pregnant women. Be generous with the insect repellent.
• If traveling by air, keep hydrated and keep moving to prevent blood clots from forming in your legs.

Safe travels…until next time!

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